Problems with receiving messages (Push)

If you have problems with receiving messages on your Android device, we have put together some solutions for you.


The problem is not caused by ownChat, but by the manufacturers of the devices! They try to extend the battery life of the devices by restrictive measures. Affected are all apps that receive push messages and are not put on a so-called whitelist by the manufacturers. Apps that are on the whitelist can receive and process push notifications without any problems. Only apps from very large and well-known manufacturers have this privilege. However, like us, other reputable and well-known app manufacturers are not on these whitelists.

Everyone can receive push notifications without any problems.

Everyone can set on his device which apps should also be treated as if they were on the whitelist. How to do this, we have listed in this section for some manufacturers. If your manufacturer is not included or the settings are different for you, try setting them up in the same way.


The basic idea is to exempt ownChat from restrictive power saving measures. Your battery life will not change as a result.

First, please select the manufacturer of your device (e.g. Huawei) and set up your device according to the instructions.